About Inner Peace Alchemy

Inner Peace Alchemy is founded by Helena Duchatelet.

She assists people to find inner peace, activate/recognize the power of our life force energy, brings guidance towards trusting on the universal Love frequency and wisdom from within.

Her passion is to see you shine!
She helps you to awaken to your true essence and find mastery over your life.

“Breath is where I find my power to alchemize and harmonize myself and my surroundings.

It is the main tool for providing an atmosphere of wellbeing.

By recognizing my sensitivity to energies, I became aware I could literally transform my reality at any moment; by taking a deep breath in, embracing all that is, and exhaling out completely, letting go of it all. 

The power we have as human beings is beyond mental comprehension, but can be somatically experienced from within with the right guidance and techniques.”

Helena teaches people to access their inner strength and wisdom with the science and  philosophy of Kundalini Yoga. 

Also, she uses the healing qualities of sound-waves and light ray projection to clear the energies present that are keeping the being from alignment with source. 

Furthermore, she shares insights about expanding in awareness, conscious embodiment practices and tips and tools on holistic living. 

Visit her YouTube channel here and Instagram feed here

“If you REALLY want something, you’ll get it.
What is your deepest, purest, core desire?”

You are welcome to come in contact & book a free 30-minute introductory coaching call where we can meet in presence & truth to see how this connection can be of further service.

Helena is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher with KRI & 3HO
and certified as Life Coach and Conciousness Coach with CVA

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