Kundalini Yoga

by Amrit Ananda

Kundalini Awakening

Awaken to your true essence

Unleash your full human potential.

Welcome to Kundalini Yoga by Amrit Ananda,

Amrit means Divine Nectar
Ananda means ultimate Joy/Bliss
Immerse into the sweet infinite space of union between self and the world.
Experience awareness, healing, growth and relaxation.
Realize your natural state of being is one of pure joy and love.

Recharge yourself in the source of life and consciousness, and use the generated energy to help you in your path towards:
and self-love.

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of Awareness. It works on a quantum level.

You can go directly to the source of existence and clear any obstacles along the way to your incarnation, and rewrite the energetic patterns that govern the way you experience reality.

This way, you can let go of old structures that do not serve you anymore and you create space to experience the freedom and joy of existence to the fullest.

At Amrit Ananda Yoga you will connect with your higher consciousness, your heart & the teacher within you.

Kundalini yoga works on spiritual development and optimizing your human being by centuries ancient practices that have proved on and on their powers to work through thousands of practitioners.

This form of yoga is accessible to everyone, even to those who have no experience with yoga.

Beware: once you have experienced how blissful it can feel to be in this space of connection with pure consciousness, you will want to return there on a daily basis.


> Learn postures and exercises to help increase mental clarity, physical strength, flexibility & vitality.
> Enjoy meditations to clear old, negative patterns.
> Chant mantras to train and focus your mind, activate and re-program the brain.
> Breathe consciously to calm or energize your body and stimulate the flow of prana (life-force energy).

The main focus is the opening and strengthening of your energy system (chakras & meridians) and working on deepening the connection with your essence.

In one kriya (exercise set) you can immediately achieve a complete physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Kundalini Yoga is therefore a direct, effective, quick, and a perfect practice for the pace of a modern household.

It is an efficient way to align your body, mind and soul.


Private Kundalini Yoga

Personalized exercises, selected Kriyas (exercise sequence) and specific meditations will be chosen to meet your needs as a daily Sadhana (practice) that will allow you to be in charge of healing your personal issues from inside out, through physical and mental practices.


We will have a call online, where I will ask some core questions , where I listen to your needs and issues, out of this I will dive into research to find a Kriya and meditation that is answering your needs.
It is possible that maybe one is not enough, or that the set has to be adapted, so then I will take this into consideration as well.
We will practice the whole Sadhana together, where I will give attentive guidance in how to correctly perform the postures, breathing, mantras etc.

Can be done both remotely by videocall or at ‘De Tempel’ .

The investment price for each new yoga therapy session of 1,5 hours is €70 , 2hour sessions are €90.
When repeating the same class to practice deeper together, the price is €35 per session.

Book your Private Kundalini Yoga session

You can always contact me afterwards, or after a group lesson for more questions you have encountered while practicing.

The progress will be followed up for 40 days until noticeable and valuable change has settled. This is also included within the price.


Group Classes

Antwerp (De Tempel)

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Request here group classes for your community / company


What does a regular lesson look like? (May be adapted to a different format)

Arrival, landing in the space: guided meditation to connect with the earth,the power points in your body and the universe.

Opening up the sacred space: opening mantras that bring us into the here and now and connect us to our inner wisdom in a safe and loving circle of wisdom, light and truth.

Warming up: simple exercises to stretch, loosen up and lightly activate the body

Pranayama: breathwork with a certain result, combined with a mudra (hand pose) and eye focus/ visualization

Kriya: series of exercises that are done in a certain order with a certain duration and repetition, with a specific targeted result. This is complete in its entirety and works on stimulating kundalini energy, opening the chakras, strengthening and purifying the body at both internal level (nervous system, organs, lymph nodes…) and superficial level (muscle tissue) so you can integrate more light (consciousness) into your body and therefore increase your human potential

Shavasana: reclining relaxation, accompanied by healing crystal singing bowls

Meditation: in a simple sedentary posture (easy pose) with a mantra (mind-altering sound vibrations that let the body generate certain hormones to experience  healing and blissful feelings) mudra, eye focus and visualization. 

To end: we seal the lesson with a concluding mantra to integrate the energy worked with and ground it in our truth and being.

Every new week the content of the class changes with different exercise sets and meditations, so a variety of techniques can be introduced.

Equipment needed:

-Yoga mat
-Mediation cussion
-Cover for relaxation
-Sheep skin (optional)

Wear easy, comfortable clothes
(preferably white – not obligatory)

It is recommended to not eat heavy meals at least 2,5 hours before practice. Easy digestible foods such as fruits, juice and soup are best.


Register below to request Kundalini Yoga classes!
Mention which class type (online or at the studio, private or in group) and how many classes you’d like to purchase.

PS: Do you feel you could use individual guidance in your process of finding and integrating the beauty of your soul?
There are now 3 new spots available for one-on-one holistic life-coaching. 

Make sure to book a phone or zoom call with me to feel if we can work together 🙂

May blessings bestow on you with each breath you take &
love surround you in a warm embrace ❤

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