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Events happening in ‘De Tempel’

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2022 AT 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Belly2Belly: The magic of feeling safe

-Deep breath-

You know that feeling of landing in your comfy couch or bed after a long and maybe hard day, and you let out that loud and delicious sigh of relaxation? Aaaaahhhh 🥰

This sigh is your body informing you that it can finally let go of the worries and tension that’s been built throughout the day.

The nervous system can start to regulate and wind down.

During this gathering we are diving deeper into the magic of experiencing a regulated and attuned nervous system!✨

Not in the solitute of your living room or bed room but in a held groupspace where we will drop in together.

This state can allow your armour to melt open and connect deeper to the essence of your being possibly in relation to another person.

Imagine the amazing picture of a puddle of kittens purring and resting together, how soothing it feels.

Well just like them we are mammals and need other relaxing mammals around us that signal to us that the environment is safe.

Next to the mammalian part, there’s also our human side that asks for connection with each other, where we have the opportunity to encounter and rewrite our automated beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Welcome to join us on this Belly 2 Belly evening!

See event below for more details

Register by sending a reply to this e-mail

AUG 6 AT 9 AM – AUG 7 AT 5:30 PM

The Nectar of Clear Bliss – Tibetan Tantric Inner Alchemy Weekend

Dear Yoga and Tantra lovers ❤

I am extremely excited and honored to invite you for this unique opportunity to learn a next level tantra yoga practice thaught by Vajra Seba.

Generating profound bliss with the body by meditating through breathwork, movement, self massage and sexual energy activation we allow orgasmic meditative radiance to expand into a positive experience that brings spiritual realization, focused mind, emotional integration and physical healing.

This technique is an Inner Yoga procedure that stimulate the human body to produce a strong sensation of juicy and nectary pleasure coming from the root of the palate, spreading through the entire body via particular energy pathways.

Found in ancient Indian and especially Tibetan Tantric Inner Alchemy, this technique truly awakens the practitioners’ subtle energy system in a safe and watery way.

This time in Belgium, Antwerp! Hosted by De Tempel

The Nectar of Clear Bliss is the first Alchemical Procedure taught in the Body Mandala Yoga Research Project and its aim is to discover, awaken and increase the Water-Father Blissful Essence of the Subtle Vajra Body.

Want to experience this inner alchemy magic? Check out this event for more details:

To register send an e-mail to: or simply reply this e-mail.

Events we are invited to co-facilitate:

JUL 9 AT 10 AM – JUL 10 AT 1:30 AM




The full program has been announced, this amazing gathering will feature a Cacao ceremony with 6 musical acts, 8 workshops and a dedicated kids area!

Our mission is to bring more JOY & LOVE into your existence!
We hope to enchant & entrance you with magical WORKSHOPS, HEALING, MUSIC & DANCE.
We dance barefoot, we dance completely sober and we dance free.
Children are very welcome, we’ll have a dedicated kids area!

❖ Cacao Ceremony + Belly2Belly by Christoffel, Helena, Nathan and friends
❖ The Soul Surfers LIVE (Sing / Drum / Soundhealing circle)
❖ KIDS Area by Lotte De Greveleer
❖ In Touch dance workshop by Maya Wuytack
❖ Free-Form Dance by Vally Nia
❖ Chi Gong/Tai Chi/Yoga combo by Geoffrey Saubain
❖ Pranayama Breathwork workshop by Atmapriya
❖ Family Acro Yoga by Valerie Paquet
❖ Kundalini Yoga by Helena (Inner Peace Alchemy)
❖ Vin to Yin Yoga by Jente Soenens


❖ SUDUAYA LIVE 3H Set (France)
❖ Tribal Fusion LIVE concert by Sofie, Stijn, Pieter (Djembé, Didgeridoo, Dun Dun,Kora, Ballofoon,etc…)
❖ DJ Ben Chi (Ecstatic Dance)
❖ DJ Atmapriya (Unfinished Monkey Records)
❖ DJ Joost (Goa Trance Music)


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us about them.
Please help us to spread the love and share these events with your friends, so we can reach more people who might benefit from the work we offer. 

Wishing you a beautiful springtime full of refreshing new energies and wonderful days of blossoming projects!

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