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We are very glad to share with you that this spring we are hosting several retreats and events, that you might really enjoy!
It is a time where we are opening to life’s beauty and love is truly more in the air… 

We are excited to take you on several journeys to let you feel more love, more safety, more joy, more relaxation and most of all: more of YOU! 

So, have a look below and check out what good stuff is waiting for you to experience!



Saturday, May 21 from 9am to 9pm – @ De Tempel, Deurne

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Self love is fundamental in developing your true nature and inner creative power. When we lack self-love we tend to seek love and validation from another, which can satisfy the hunger for love in the short term, but can drain your energy and self-worth in the longer term.

By loving yourself more deeply, you can also share from purity more love with another. 💖
 On this day we will dive deeper into the theme of self-love and how to develop it using opening and transformational exercises, sharing circles and rituals:

Kundalini Yoga and Meditations for opening the heart and generating love energy

Self-reflection, Shadow work & Somatic expression of blocked emotions

Dance as a guide to self-acceptance and self-actualization

♡Temple rituals: acknowledging love, receiving and giving

 Brought to you in a sacred space of trust where authentic sharing and being yourself are central. 

For all genders – everyone needs self-love from time to time.
Max. 12 participants

Participation on sliding scale donation: 90 – 120 euro
Lunch will be provided, for dinner bring your own potluck 🙏 

About the facilitator: Helena is trained as a kundalini yoga teacher, holistic life coach and consciousness coach, in singing, sound healing and alternative healing, family constellations (Harpiara Kaur) and attended various trainings in such as ISTA level 1 & 2 (International School of Temple Arts), Belly 2 Belly facilitator training (Embodied Intimacy), Medicine Woman (Trijn Amrita) and more workshops, self study and life experience around self development and authentic self expression. ❤

 This dayretreat is inspired by her own journey in developing independency in feeling and creating love, building self-esteem and willpower, learning to state boundaries, needs and desires and connecting deeply with the emotional and energy body to stay present in triggers and to heal trauma and numbness. 

Register by sending an email to


Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 June from 10am to 6pm – @Paradiso, Bassevelde

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Retreat into (6).png

A 2 day retreat to give your relationships more feeling, depth and fun.
After a few years of having to keep our distance and avoid people, we can now slowly get closer again.
In recent years we have withdrawn from each other by choice or by force.
On a national and global level we have been told that “I cannot know if you are safe”. 
This retreat in intimacy offers a space and opportunity to soften the impact of this period of isolation and possibly support recovery.

Intimacy is about much more than just physical intimacy. We can also become more intimate by experiencing the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.
Whether that’s with people you know or don’t know, it’s about being able to be connected to what’s going on inside and connecting that to your environment.

The most intimate relationship is the one with yourself, and you don’t have to stay alone until you’ve perfected it, it’s okay to discover it in a messy way with others. 

This retreat is for you if you:

♡ Feel like being taken on a journey through the layers of intimacy.
♡Want to connect yourself more deeply with your feelings, your joy and your relationships.
♡ Need space to sink deeper.
♡Want to grow in your ability to share your inner world with others.
♡Want to experience more joy and ease within yourself, in relationship to others.
♡Long for a sense of togetherness while feeling yourself.
♡Want to celebrate life and go wild once more !

Within these 2 days we will evolve from feelings like nervousness, separation and contraction to an experience of softness, letting go and connection. We do this by coming together in a circle and creating space where everyone can land and come to themselves.

From there we will go on an experiential journey together where you can feel and open yourself and get connected with each other, through exercises that include sound, movement, breath and touch.

The first evening there is the option to go into the sauna, sit around the campfire or socialize in whatever way feels best for you.

Sunday morning we start by gently waking up the body with a gentle morning session. This is followed by a fruit breakfast and then a cacao ceremony, which turns into a dance party to celebrate life, guided by Dj Purusha.

We will then seal the 2 days with a relational meditation inspired by Belly2Belly where we will share, breathe and sink into the experience we have created together.

This retreat is co-created by Louis Van Hacht, Helena Duchatelet and Nathan Ryheul. 

Practical details:
Date : June 4 & 5Location : Paradiso (Beekstraat 8, 9968 Bassevelde) 
Saturday, June 4 arrive between 10 – 10h45, we start at 11h
Sunday, June 5 we finish at 17h, departure at 17h30 – 18h 
Participation price: 210euro, including a prepayment to confirm your spot of 40 euro via Paypal. 
***Including vegetarian meals and overnight stays***
Registration: Send an email to



Wednesday 25 May, from 6:30pm to 10pm – @ De Tempel, Deurne

Facebook event:

277349464_282618200671844_3903619924973314184_n (1).jpg

Discover the power of chanting mantras together!

Mantras are songs to activate our brain to bring us into higher levels of awareness. This is where deep healing, remembrance of your essence’s qualitites, opening of your heart and flowing of your life energy can happen.

In this circle we can feel unity consciousness because we all focus on the same vibrations. That way we can feel deeply connected on a soul level and feelings such as love, excitement, compassion and release of stress can be felt.  

After this chanting we dive into a soundhealing journey where you can fully relax on your back and let the vibrations take you on an inner adventure. 
We use sounds from different instruments such as: voice, shamanic drum, rattle, (crystal) singing bowls, gong, hangdrum, flutes, bells, sansula and much more. 

All these sounds can give different effects on everyone and some may even bring you into states of healing, or insights/ visions/ memories may come up with a message for you. Others might relax you so much you drift away and recharge, connecting you back to your own source. 

This event is brought to you by Helena Duchatelet and Louis Shakana
Contribution for this event is 25 euros.

Register by sending an e-mail to


Belly 2 Belly – The magic of feeling safe: Reconnect & Regulate
Sunday 29 May, from 3pm to 18pm – @ De Tempel, Deurne

Facebook event:

273628087_10228039432429981_536576167885095112_n (1).jpg

This event is for anyone who wants to have an afternoon vacation from complexity and a life that goes way too fast. And replace it with some slowing down and feeling more safety in your body and your interpersonal relations. 

We will offer a space to land together where we will breathe, move and connect with one another, eye to eye, heart to heart and eventually maybe belly to belly. 

During this practice we will take you on a variety of relational meditation practices where you can pair up with someone and discover how you can sink (deeper) into connection. With or without physical touch, that’s up to you.

What we will be moving through this day are very simple and slow ways of being together in connection with one another.In these few hours we will move as a group from feelings such as nervousness, seperation and contraction to a space of gentleness, release and connection. 

This can give your mind and body the imprints and tools of safety and well being which you can take with you into your daily life.

If you like you can invite someone you know or want to connect deeper with to come with you and share this experience, it’s perfectly possible to come in on your own and find someone here to practice with.What follows here is a list of things you can bring to this workshop.

These are optional yet they can support your level of comfort during the exercises:
– A mat, matress or futon
– Pillows
– Your favorite blanket

Nathan Ryheul and Helena Duchatelet followed the Belly2Belly facilitator training with Embodied Intimacy in Berlin and are using core elements of this training to guide themselves and others into a deeper sense of interpersonal connection.
For those interested in the specifics of this work can check out official site of Belly2Belly:

Contribution for this event is 30 euros.

Register by sending an e-mail to:


Ceremonial Play Cacao Ceremony
Saturday 11 June, 2:30pm to 7pm – @ De Tempel, Deurne

Facebook event:


Tribe of love, we invite you to come and play with us, in a sacred ceremony where we invite the Spirit of the cacao to guide us into a blissful, and loving energy vortex! This is a special ceremony, hosted by Helena and Louis , with the intention to connect with ourselves and each other in an authentic, creative and playful way.

  • We begin the ceremony with calling upon the four directions to cocreate a sacred space. The we move into drinking a warm cup of cacao,
    after which we connect with the power of our breath to let the cacao land soft and easy into our bodies.
  • Then we dive into a soundhealing journey where we can experience the connection with our inner world.
  • From there on, in several playful exercises, we will rise and ground in our authentic selves, activating our mystical archetype.
    We will meet and play with each other in this awakened, fun and magical state of being.
  • We close the ceremony with a creative sound circle where we can vibrate our unique frequencies to express our true self, in harmony with the group energy.

Feel free to bring your own instruments, and a sacred item for the altar.
Bring a yoga mat and blanket/shawl for the soundhealing journey.  

We advise to have your last meal at least 2 hours beforehand.We kindly ask for a conscious contribution of 40 euros.
To join us with this experience, please confirm your presence by sending an e-mail to 


Events where we are invited to host workshops:

Saturday 28 May, 2pm to 10:30pm – @ Planeet Mars, Ghent

Facebook event:

Our mission is to bring more JOY & LOVE into your existence!We hope to enchant & entrance you with magical WORKSHOPS, HEALING, MUSIC & DANCE.

We dance barefoot,
we dance completely sober aaaaand
we dance wild & free!
Children are welcome! 


❖ Belly 2 Belly workshop by Helena Duchatelet & Nathan Ryheul
❖ Cacao Ceremony by Louis Shakana
❖ In Touch – Dance workshop by Maya Wuytack
❖ Food Break
❖ DJ Anoebis (Suntrip Records)
❖ A Guardian of the Oldschool (604 Freaks)
❖ Closing Sound Healing Journey



If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us about them.
Please help us to spread the love and share these events with your friends, so we can reach more people who might benefit from the work we offer. 

Wishing you a beautiful springtime full of refreshing new energies and wonderful days of blossoming projects!

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