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Events happening in ‘De Tempel’

22 October – Voice Awakening into co-creation & Soundhealing 

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In the beginning of creation… There was sound.

We are inviting you to come and express the sound of your being.

Easier said than done, you might think.

Helena started her healing and awakening journey with the use of her voice, and now chanting comes naturally and with ease.
It is her way to connect to her soul’s essence.

For Nathan it’s a different story, finding himself challenged to “just start singing”.
Regularly meeting discomfort when heard by others or invited to sing.

Both of us have gathered our own tools to give space for the expression of our voice.

We welcome you to come and explore your own voice on the spectrum of ease and challenge that we both will hold for you.


– Arriving and landing

Dropping into the body, into the present, together in the simplicity of feeling welcome and safe to be however you are.

– Attuning to ourselves and one another through movement, touch, breath and sound

We use simple movements and breathing to co-regulate our nervous systems and invite relaxation and empowerment, whilst exploring how it is to be here together as a group.

The breathing is inviting us to use our voice, and this voice is a direct translation of our inner world.

– Expression through voice

We go on a journey into our inner world, using the voice as an instrument to express the landscapes that are alive inside.

This can activate energies, open up blockages and establish a sense of allowance and freeflow, where also our vulnerable parts get a chance to be heard and welcomed.

To have an auditory sense of togetherness and give support to the ones holding back on their voice we’ll also chant a couple of songs in harmony.

– ‘Song of Now’

After warming and playing with our voice we invite creativity to come in to co-create the ‘Song of Now’.
A possibly healing and expanding experience of an unscripted musical collaboration.


After letting the voices ebb into softness, this shared journey will end with a shamanic soundhealing to give space for rest and integration.



This workshop will be lead in English unless everyone speaks Dutch.

Date & Time: 22/10/2022 from 13h to 16h

Location: De Tempel (Deurne-Zuid)

Contribution: Sliding scale 20-35 euro

What to bring: whatever you need to make it comfy and cozy for yourself – (blankets, soft mat, pillow… we have some available here)

Some tea and water will be provided, feel free to bring your own.

Registration: send and e-mail to

12 & 13 November – Level 2 Inner Alchemy RETREAT by Seba Vajra

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IThe Radiant Incandescence of Blazing Bliss is the second Alchemical Procedure taught in the Body Mandala Yoga Research Project and its aim is to discover, awaken and increase the Fire-Mother Blissful Essence of the Subtle Vajra Body.

The essences or “Tigles” are the specialty of Vajrayana Highest Yoga Tantra Inner Alchemy and are the root of the work in the Body Mandala Research Project.

See more info:
Inner Mandala Level 2 – The radiant Incandescence of Blazing Bliss — Body Mandala Yoga Research Project

The experience of the essences has various degree of intensity and stability: it pertains to experiences of warmth, pleasure, orgasm, joy, rapture, satisfaction, clarity, non-conceptuality and inner peace.

In this second Alchemical procedure of the Blazing Fire-Mother essence, the practitioner use the psycho-physical experience of metabolic heat to heal and strengthen the physical body, to liberate, express and purify negative emotions and to open the mind into the clarity of the loving heart-space of the innermost nature of being.

In practice, this technique is an Inner Yoga procedure that stimulate the innate warmth of the human body to produce a strong sensation of warm pleasure coming from the lower abdomen spreading trough the entire body via particular energy pathways.

Found especially in Tibetan Tantric Inner Alchemy, this technique challenges the practitioners with the intense luminosity of the heat of a fire that illuminate the shadow part of their psyche: its specialty is the release and transformation of negative emotions such as anger, resentment and craving-desire.

This is an orgasmic, tangible and physical experience of increased heat that ripples in the practitioners’ subtle dimensions and settle them in a joyful, blazing, compassionate and non-conceptual meditative state.

In a safe and sacred space, the module is taught in a retreat of minimum 2 days. The practitioners engage in potent and challenging, yet very simple and accessible yogic exercises and breathwork, practicing by themselves but in a circle as a mandala.

In learning this rare and extremely potent technique, the practitioners expand their inner integration on the more wild aspects of themselves and use the tools learned on the Level 1 module to soothe and balance the intensity of experience that the Fire-Mother essence brings.



Contribution for participation: 250 euro.

Food: 65 euro (first day lunch & dinner, second day breakfast & lunch + tea, water and snacks)

Accomodation: 10 euro per day (bring own sleeping material, sleeping is in the temple space or garden)

For booking & registration contact:


More is yet to come!
We are planning to start giving another Joy & Juice series, Belly2Belly relational breathing meditation practice evenings, Primal Play sessions and more workshops, ceremonies, personal & group development practices.

Stay tuned – and feel free to share these evenets and spread the love with people who you think might be interested in this!

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