Holistic Embodiment Facilitation

Clear out old habit patterns, subconscious belief systems
& neutralize traumatic imprints.
Transcend limiting believes and fears; open the mind
& heart to conscious innerstanding.
Develop a sense of intrinsic motivation and direction
towards embodying more of your authentic self.

Embodied Connections
In group

Safety & Intimacy
Workshops to create group coherency with: (co-)regulation techniques, verbal and non-verbal relating exercises, tantric practices, authentic sharing circles, community building exercises, contact dance, somatic practices

Belly 2 Belly
Partnered breathing meditation to regulate and attune the nervous system and experience a sense of safety and relief, leading to greater bodily awareness and intimacy with oneself and eachother.

Systemic Constellations
A powerful work to reset karmic entanglements that keep you off track.
Release the heavy weight you carry from imprinted social conditioning, believe systems, collective trauma & your family line by rewriting the contracts with your ancestors and with your subconscious.
Step into your present life with your vision on your desired goal.
Also applicable in companies.

Primal Play
What happens if you drop the stories, the projections, the ideas you have over someone? And how is that made easy? By dropping into the body and connecting with your primal/ instinctual energy, there are no words needed. Body language says it all and how fascinating it is to interact with someone purely by following impulses, exploring boundaries and feeling each other’s power and vulnerability. This is all about attunement and finding a meeting point to play with. From eyegazing, to cuddling to playfighting, anything is possible and welcome!

Women Circles
When women gather, magic happens. We have sharing circles around specific themes, or about what is most alive at the moment. From this, we enter into the Womb Space Matrix where we can bring group healing, womb blessings, sharing our voices, dancing, temple rituals, connect with female archetypes and share womb wisdom.

Singing Circles
Chanting in a circle ancient Mantra’s, rainbow songs & medicine songs. Voice awakening and liberation exercises and harmonizing co-creation chants.

A transformational space for healing and connection with the essence of your being. We use a combination of elements such as: soundhealing, dance, relating exercises, shamanism, cacao, embodiment practices, play, tantra, meditation, yoga, breathwork, etc…

For booking a workshop for your community, company, retreat or to cocreate a workshop: Contact me to have a videochat

Holistic Coaching
One-on-one sessions

Full support guidance and mentorship for as long as required, offering the best strategies, tools, therapies and of course, a caring & listening ear to talk to.

In this process, you’ll get close to what you are truly feeling from deep within. It is often scary to dive deep on your own. A sacred and confidential space is held for you to feel safe to express what you might hide away for yourself or others.

This is a personalized approach to get insight into your life’s questions, why they arise, what they mean for you and how they can be of worked with in benefit for your evolution.
Learn how to recognize and deal with old habit patterns and limiting belief systems.
Implement a healthy mindset and desirable lifestyle. You deserve to feel your best!


We will start with discuss some core questions, that will bring an overview of your life’s situation.
Together we will work on issues that are holding you from living your life freely the way you truly desire, so they can be recognized, accepted and transformed into energy that can fuel positive behavior for change and progress.

Techniques such as: consciousness coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reïmprinting, emotional release, regulating, authentic relating as well as kundalini yoga exercises and meditations, intuitive movements and guided vizualization meditations can be used during sessions.

This can be done both remotely by videocall or at ‘De Tempel’ .

1 hour Coaching session: €60
90 minute coaching session: €90
2 hour Coaching session: €120

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Meditation Sessions
For groups & one-on-one.

There are 4 types of meditations:

1. Chakra healing meditation:, with visualization, vocal tones and affirmations to activate the qualities of each chakra, allowing you to feel more energy flowing and to clear blockages and charges, inviting positive qualities associated with each chakra to be integrated into your life.

2. Kundalini meditation: ancient techniques from the kundalini yoga tradition, such as mantras, breathing exercises, mudras, eye focus and vizualization.

There are thousands of meditations, and we tune in beforehand to which one will be most helpful for you to experience psychological and energetic effects like peace, life force, wisdom, love and healing. 

3. Intuitive meditation with coaching+ mindfulness: I tune in completely to your energy in each moment, with each breath and feel what is most appropriate to say, to indicate, to suggest. In doing so, insights may arise that resonate strongly with what you desire at the soul level, and you will receive the right energy and info through me to become more animated in this life.

This is guidance at the soul level and can be different every time. Through guided meditation you become aware of your body, physically and energetically, visualizing images or actions to come to healing / rest / activation, certain physical movements may be invited to let your energy flow (doesn’t have to be intense or exhausting, just gentle and conscious movements) to a certain direction to get to the desired result.

4. Grounding meditation: for many people, connection with the body and earth are not as strong and stable as it is supposed to be. Especially for those who work a lot with elektronical devices, don’t go often in nature, live in an appartment above ground level, or even for people who do are connected with nature, but often drift off to higher etherical spheres where they loose the embodied stability to stay connected with the mundane reality of life.

Private meditation
1 hour meditation: €50
30 minute meditation: €30

Group meditation
To be discussed

Book your Private Meditation Session
To book me for a group meditation session contact me for a Collaboration Call.

Coaching trajectories of 1 month, 3 months, 6months or 1 year are available and recommended for transformational change to be sustained and supported.
The trajectories are completely adapted to your needs and deepest desires so that self-realization and self-actualization can occur in profound ways.
These trajectories holistically can combine the practices of Kundalini Yoga and Energy & Soundhealing together with Life & Consciousness coaching.

We will meet once a week.
During the week you can contact me by Whatsapp or Signal to follow up with the tasks and your overall state of being.

I will be there for you to support your transformation process and assist you in staying inspired and motivated to continue in your new way of living.
You can message me freely when needed. (must be relevant to the coaching program).

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Example of a Coaching trajectory:

  • Becoming present in your body, mind and soul and remember who you truly are
    Recognize and become aware of your energy with somatic resourcing, regulating techniques and mindfullness meditation.
  • Learn to let go of what doesn’t serve your highest potential through self-reflection
    Release using EFT, and emotional release techniques.
  • Sink deeper into the core of your being, learn how to balance and purify the chakras and the body. Heal with the help of Energy & Sound Healing, Kundalini pranayama, yoga, meditation, Lomi Lomi Healing Massage and enter into deep states of relaxation where your energy can freely flow again through your whole being.
  • Create new habit and thought patterns, learn how to tak up positive mindset for growth
    Engineer your new life, tapping into the heart & connecting with your essence, create your action plan to live your passion in action, using Matrix Reïmpringting, Kundalini Yoga and meditation.
  • Become dedicated to expansion of your consciousness and commit to your new life
    Unite your human form with the source of life and your higher self , with the help of kundalini yoga, voice activation, and more practical helpful exercises to become whole and fulfilled, walking the path of your soul’s blueprint to success and happiness.

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