Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi lomi is a traditional healing massage from Hawaii.
It is not just a massage, it is a ritual where you can sink deep into your body and subconsious mind – experiencing the state of gentle surrender and letting go.

Each session is opened by a prayer to invoke the wisdom of spirit and the higher self to assist us, and deep breathing to connect with cosmic and earthly energies.

The massage consists of long strokes using the hands and underarms over the whole body, connecting each body part with each other.
This makes it such a holistic and wholesome experience.
The pressure varies from gentle flow to deep-tissue, bringing attention to pressure points and places where there are usually tense muscles.

What is typical to Lomi Lomi is the loving and caring way of touch and attunement as well as sacred geometry in the movements and the abundant use of coconut oil.

1 hour session (extended backside) : 70
1,5 hour session (limited full body) : 100
2 hour session (extended full body) : 120

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4 Hands Lomi Lomi

A heavenly Lomi ritual where you’ll be carried by 4 hands in stead of 2.
This Lomi Lomi massage is beyond any regular massage. It brings you in a surrender to life and allows you to become more receptive for loving healing energy and the feeling of being supported and cared for. Because of the extra hands, your mind will soon loose grip over what is exactly happening, which is helpful to let go of thoughts and control and enter into connection with your essence.

For booking this 4 hands massage, please contact us directly via the e-mail contact form, so we can arrange personally a time and date that would suite us all.

Sidelaying or Pregnancy Lomi Lomi

A delicious and gentle Lomi Lomi Massage laying on the side, supported by pillows and with more coverage. This is especially recommended for people who are:
-Physically more vulnerable
-Unable to lay on back due to respiratory problems
-Mentally and emotionally more vulnerable

People who are simply curious to experience this are also most welcome.

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Joint Mobilization
– Elbow, wrist, hip, knee

A delicate and potent technique using slow rotations of the joints, seeking for the edge of discomfort to unblock trauma that has been stuck in these regions. There is an active componant of the receiver to address where the edge of bearable and discomfort is, so the giver can assure we stay in the ‘healing zone’. By going slow and using deep breaths, space and relief in the joints can be experienced, possibly accompanied with a discharge of emotions.

Even if you haven’t experienced any physical traumatic events on your joints, there might be a psychosomatic charge present which you may have not noticed before.
This treatment can help you create more space and vitality not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

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