Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi lomi is a traditional healing massage from Hawaii.
It is not just a massage, it is a ritual where you can sink deep into your body and subconsious mind – experiencing the state of gentle surrender and letting go.

Each session is opened by a prayer to invoke the wisdom of spirit and the higher self to assist us, and deep breathing to connect with cosmic and earthly energies.

The massage consists of long strokes using the hands and underarms over the whole body, connecting each body part with each other.
This makes it such a holistic and wholesome experience.
The pressure varies from gentle flow to deep-tissue, bringing attention to pressure points and places where there are usually tense muscles.

What is typical to Lomi Lomi is the loving and caring way of touch and attunement as well as sacred geometry in the movements and the abundant use of coconut oil.

1 hour session (backside) : 70
2 hour session (full body) : 120

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