Sound Healing
For groups & one-on-one.

For centuries, sounds and vibrations have been used to influence the body and mind to promote healing, activation and relaxation.

During a sound healing journey, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of vibrations that can touch your subconscious, allowing memories, images and emotions to surface from a deep state of relaxation that can be meaningful for your development.

Sounds are made by: crystal singing bowls, bells, shamanic drum, ocean drum, rattles, gong, shrutti box, voice and more.

Old blockages stuck in the body can be vibrated loose through these sounds. This allows for integration of past processes and regeneration of your energy.

You can feel reborn and able to encounter life again from a clear and peaceful state of mind.

Before we enter the sound journey, preparatory exercises might be suggested (breath work, voice release, meditation, yoga stretches …) so that there is easier access to deep relaxation, which ensures that the sound healing can be fully utilized.

Crystal Bowls Chakra Healing
Singing bowls help you get into relaxation mentally and physically.
In relaxation, your body’s restorative capacity can do its work.
In this healing, we work on each chakra individually with crystal bowls and specific vocal sounds to support each chakra.

Energy Healing
Only one-on-one session.

During an energy healing session, many ways of approach can come up.
Each session is prepared by shamanically opening the directions, inviting the elements and guides to assist us from the subtle realms.

Generally, soundhealing is used as a measurement tool to feel into the field for any disturbed energies.
Then, according to what is intuïtively felt and guided, we work on dissolving blockages, clearing the impact of traumatic experiences and creating a condition for body/mind/spirit healing.

Examples of what can come up during a session: systemic constellation work, emotional release, hands-on healing, inner child healing, existential affirmations, embodiment exercises, soundhealing, deep grounding meditation, etc…


A session can happen both in person at ‘De Tempel’ or at requested location.
We will always start with landing in the space together by taking deep breaths and a short guided meditation to ground and connect with the body.

I will ask some core questions to get an overview of your vibration and particular issues, take some deep breaths and simply relax.
I will feel in the energetic quantum field any disturbed frequencies that are present and keep your energy from flowing.
Then I will work on dissolving them, so your channel clears and opens up to feel relieved and relaxed.

Private sound/energy healing
1 hour session: €70
1 hr 30 min. session: €100
2 hour session: €120

Group soundjourney
To be discussed.

Book your Sound/Energy Healing session

Additional tools used during any session:
Energetic Cleansing Ritual,
Healing Crystals and Stones

More benefits of Sound Healing

  • Sounds have a great effect on our bodies and minds. We do not only listen to the sounds with our ears but feel them throughout our body. Whether you are aware of it or not, your body responds to sound and vibration. They bring our body back into balance.
  • If you are very busy in your daily life, then during this session you can let go of what is on your mind at that moment. To break through the flow of your thoughts, away from your ‘monkey mind’.
  • Our body is 70% water. It is therefore a good conductor of sound. Any blockages, things that make you restless or give you physical complaints can be relaxed.
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