Welcome, from the deepest darkness to the most brilliant light

Come home in your source of ever-lasting peace,
& transform your life with grace and ease.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga:

  • Yoga Practices and meditations to become a self-healing energy alchemist. 
  • Learn to use your life force energy to manifest your deepest, purest desires in this life time.
  • Expand to higher states of consciousness, whilst working on the physical body to be a strong container.

Group Classes
Private Yoga Therapy

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Energy Healing

Sound/ Energy Healing:

  • Sound Healing using Crystal singing bowls, shamanic drum, gong, shruttibox, rattles, vocal vibrations and more.
  • Energy Healing;
    Release energetic blockages & clear your channel for more energy flow.
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaïan healing massage; a gentle yet profound massage with loving and nurturing touch and spiritual attunement.
    – Sidelaying or Pregnancy Lomi
    – Joint Mobilization
    – 4 hands Lomi Lomi

Group Sessions & Private Healing

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Holistic Embodiment

Self & group development:

  • Safety & Intimacy
  • Belly 2 Belly
  • Systemic Constellations
  • Women Circles
  • Singing Circles
  • Ceremonies

Group facilitation
Private coaching

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Relax & let the abundant love pour

Sound-healings with guided meditations and performances with uplifting lyrics & melodies to enjoy and celebrate life.
Collaborations welcome! Contact me here

I coach individuals and facilitate workshops for groups, institutes and companies who like to develop a stronger sense of interconnectedness, an integer co-work/study/living space and get tools for trauma-awareness, holistic wellbeing and authentic relating.

My goal is to create an environment where people feel safe, accepted and welcomed to be themselves so that stress reduces, awareness increases and daily happiness improves.

Helena Duchatelet
Holistic Embodiment, Intimacy and
Sexuality facilitator & coach
Energy & Sound Healer
Singer Songwriter
Rose Priestess

Hey, I’d love to introduce myself

I am a multipassionate woman full of creative potential to be expressed. I’ve gathered quite some knowledge, tools and experience that I desire to share with you, in service to the consciousness evolution of our human species ~ to the birthing of this Golden Age!

🎶 I love to express and connect through my soul essence by singing, writing music, giving soundhealing and singing circles.

💃 I can dance like crazy on ecstatic dances and I deeply enjoy the very hypnotic and precise moves in tribal fusion belly dance.

🐉 I have a deep passion for working with kundalini/life force/sexual energy and guiding people on how to reconnect, decondition and liberate it to feel deep love and pleasure, experiencing our divine essence through the flesh through holistic embodiment and sexuality rituals and workshops.

🙌 I honor the body as such a rich sensorial vessel full of wisdom through bodywork and massage.

🌹 I am walking the path of the Rose Priestess, creating sacred temple spaces and ceremonies for authentic being, soul embodiment and explorations into the mystery of life supported by ascendant masters and spirit guides.

🌿❤ I deeply appreciate human connection, intimacy and the power of community – together with the interrelatedness of living beings with nature, through community building, traumahealing, constellation work and celebrations!

And ofcourse, I really love traveling, animals, cuddling, cacao, flowers and deep bass music.

Helena is trained as a kundalini yoga teacher, holistic life coach and consciousness coach, in singing, sound healing and alternative healing, Lomi Lomi massage, Systemic Constellations, and attended various trainings such as ISTA level 1 & 2 (International School of Temple Arts),Medicine Woman, Belly 2 Belly facilitator training, Embodied Intimacy year training, Sensual Arts Facilitator Training, and more workshops, self study and life experience around self development and conscious relating.
Currently also in training for Priestess of Sacred Sex – the Rose lineage of Mary Magdalene.


When you arrive at Helena’s, peace overwhelms you and the energy there puts you in the right mood to work on yourself.

Her calm and purposeful gentleness brings you directly to the core of what you want to work on. She works intuitively and touches the right chord. The combination of technique, knowledge and wisdom do the rest.

I myself have fine lasting results and therefore I can recommend her when you feel that something is frictioning or when you are stuck.


Energy & Sound Healing

Lomi Lomi massage with Helena is pure relaxation, with attention without rushing. You are welcomed with a smile and you leave with a smile.
This is worth to repeat as far as I am concerned.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing Massage

It touched me very much and I am very grateful. I did not expect beforehand at all that it would go so deep for me.

The best moment was when I could breathe very deeply all liberated, it was like I was completely calm and my body was completely purified, I have never been able to breathe so deeply before.

During the whole time it felt like a safe place where I can just be and I don’t have to be ashamed about myself. Making sound is difficult for me because I always want to hide myself and don’t like to hear my own voice, but with Helena it felt like I could do it and like I was allowed to be.

I experienced a lot that I can’t explain rationally. It was cleansing, mysterious, liberating, profound. It’s hard to explain it all, but this was really a very deep experience for me.

So I wanted to say again that I am very grateful and you will definitely see me again.

Energy & Sound Healing

My heart feels so open and full of love thanks to an amazing yoga session with Helena.
Sometimes I arrive there with a heavy heart and a tired mind. But I always feel lighter and more connected to myself.

Thank you thank you, thank you for all of this!

Kundalini Yoga


Personal, online, individual and group coaching for spiritual growth, soul-empowerment & consciousness expansion

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