Welcome, from the deepest darkness to the most brilliant light

Come home in your source of ever-lasting peace,
& transform your life with grace and ease.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga:

  • Practices and meditations to become a self-healing energy generator. 
  • Learn to use your life force energy to manifest your deepest, purest desires in this life time.
  • Expand to higher states of consciousness, whilst working on the physical body to be a strong container.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing:

  • Sound vibrations (such as Crystal singing bowls, shamanic drum and vocal vibrations)
  • Breath Alchemy and hands-on techniques;
    To clear your channel & allow sensations of bliss to enter.
  • DNA activating channeled light-language.

Holistic Living

Spiritual development:

  • Clearing out old habit patterns
  • Transcend limiting believes and fears; open the mind & heart to conscious innerstanding*
  • Find your life purpose on Earth and take action steps to live it.

Holistic Health Guidance:

  • Natural remedies and therapies.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices to prevent disease and live life with more capacity.

*innerstand: Absolute, heart-centred knowledge from the core inner being (Source)


Relax & let the abundant love pour

Sound-healings with guided meditations and performances with uplifting lyrics & melodies

The power we have as human beings is beyond comprehension, but can be experienced from within with the right guidance and techniques.

  1. As a certified yoga teacher, I will teach you to access you inner strength and wisdom with the science and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga. 
  2. As a holistic certified life coach, I provide guidance and mentorship, offering the best strategies, tools, therapies for living a healthy & harmonious lifestyle, and of course, a caring & listening ear to talk to.
  3. As a channeler, I  create videos and making music in which I channel and share messages for the collective about expanding in awareness, love, healing and how to embody your true Self.
  4. As an intuitive healer, I use the healing qualities of sound-waves and light-ray projection, clearing energies that could keep you from being in alignment with source. 
  5. As a lightworker, I set up sacred spaces and ceremonies for transformational change for individual, group and collective purposes. 

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Personal, online, individual and group coaching for spiritual growth, soul-empowerment & consciousness expansion

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